5 Things About Medical Expert Witnesses You May Not Know

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Medical expert witnesses are vital components to a medical malpractice, work injury or other medical or healthcare legislation defense strategy. 

A previous article “Why Do I Need a Medical Expert Witness” discusses what medical expert witnesses are and why they are beneficial, but in this article we will discuss some things you might not know.  

Knowing this information might help you decide why it’s important to have a medical expert witness as part of your defense strategy and why working with an expert witness firm will help you choose the best one. 

1. They are Not Just Witnesses

Medical expert witnesses aren’t like the ones on the TV shows that show up, answer questions during trial and leave. In truth, the trial is usually the last piece of the puzzle for a medical expert witness.  

Medical expert witnesses dedicate almost an unlimited amount of time to each case starting from day one. Once a medical professional is asked to consult on a case, they become part of the defense team. They review documents, help the defense plan out a strategy and lend their knowledge and expertise throughout the entire litigation process. 

Their information and guidance can prove to be the greatest asset that the defense team has which is why it is important to choose a medical expert witness wisely. 

2. Area of Expertise Counts

As the defense attorneys, you want to have a solid strategy in place for trial. This means choosing who will speak and who will help defend the person or company being accused. 

You wouldn’t bring a nursing expert to a case about open heart surgery nor would you bring a spine expert to talk about a dental issue. 

It is crucial to choose a medical professional who is knowledgeable and experienced in the specific case at hand. No two cases are alike so choosing to work with one specific medical professional will end up doing more harm than good.

3. Choose Active Expert Over Professional Expert

There are many types of medical expert witnesses available to help, however it is important to choose an active medical professional over a professional medical consultant. 

There are some medical professionals that no longer actively practice medicine but instead consult professionally and full time. Yes these professionals seem like the ones to choose, but that is not the case. 

You want to choose an active physician or healthcare professional because they will be knowledgeable about the most up-to-date standards of care and utilize those standards of care everyday. They will be more credible in the eyes of the jury because they are currently working in the field of what the lawsuit is about.  

4. Cross-Examination Ready

Typically the most stressful part of the litigation case is the trial and being cross-examined. Understanding that they will be put under a microscope, and questioned makes medical expert witnesses special.  

They have to have a spotless record because if they don’t, they will be reminded of it by the plaintiff’s attorneys. 

These medical professionals also need to be well versed in how to communicate to the jury.  They need to be able to discuss complex procedures and practices in laymen’s terms so that the jury can understand the case more clearly. 

Being calm, cool and collected under pressure during cross examination and the trial in general is a large part of being a medical expert witness.

5. Why They Choose to Help

The most important part of being a medical expert witness is choosing to help and consult. All of the information listed above would cause anyone to think twice before consulting on a case, but medical expert witnesses truly wish to help their fellow peers to ensure they get a fair and honest trial.  They know they are signing up for long hours and a lot of research and going on trial, but they also know it is for the greater good and helps doctors and medical companies keep their respect and name in good standing. 

How to Find a Medical Expert Witness

When looking for a medical expert witness it is important to work with a firm who has consultants working across different medical specialties and industries. 

At Juris Medicus, we have over 195 medical expert witnesses covering more than 50 specialties. We hire them based on experience, licenses and certifications, credentials, background checks and a thorough vetting process. 

We have been serving Texas for a decade, and our experts provide the top medical consultations available. If you are in need of a medical expert witness look no further than our firm and schedule a consult today.

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