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Our Process

Our Team of Litigation Professionals Keeps the Medical Expert Process Simple for You.

Here is how our efficient and time-saving litigation process will make your life easier.
Juris Medicus has a proven methodical process that benefits both the Legal Team and the Medical Expert.

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1. Initial Call

Contact a Juris Medicus Case Manager at (210) 826-6767 to discuss your case and we will secure an expert in each specialty area you request. In uncertain situations, we will assist you in identifying the medical specialty needed. Based upon our knowledge of the availability of our experts we will provide you with CVs for your review and ultimate selection. A fee schedule will also be forwarded. We offer options for expedited deadlines if needed.

2. Send Case Files

Send your dedicated Case Manager all case records, including accident reports and photographs, petitions, medical treatment records, imaging reports and actual imaging, deposition transcripts, and billing affidavits. Once received our Intake Team will volumize all the records for organization and easy retrieval.

3. Indexing of Records

Following all records being volumized our Chronology Team summarizes the content into an Index of Records. This document creates an efficient outline for our medical experts as they review all the submitted files. This document is also provided to our client if requested.

4. Expert Liaison

Once the volumes and Index of Records are completed, they are transmitted to the expert in an encrypted and HIPAA compliant format. Our Liaisons are available to assist the expert with any imaging or software-related issues.

5. Expert Review and Communication

Our expert studies all submitted information and establishes their opinion within your requested deadline. The expert will then call you to discuss their findings. A written report will be issued only upon your request. The expert is also available to conduct an Independent Medical Examination.

6. Subsequent Records Review

We expect additional treatment records in active cases primarily because medical treatment may be ongoing. In addition, during the indexing of records our Chronology Team may identify missing treatment information. When this happens, we will notify you, update the Index of Records upon receipt of the new information, and will forward all additions to the expert.

7. Scheduling

Your dedicated Case Manager will coordinate and schedule any conference calls, meetings, Independent Medical Examinations, depositions, or trial appearances. We are the single point of contact for all expert matters, allowing you to spend more time on other aspects of the case.

To have an expert review your case.

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Headquartered in San Antonio, Texas, Juris Medicus was founded in 2011 by Dr. Gilbert R. Meadows

— a board-certified and fellowship-trained orthopedic spinal surgeon with over 40 years of clinical practice, and over 25 years of medical expert experience