Our Medical Experts

At Juris Medicus we have over 160 medical experts covering more than 50 different adult and pediatric specialties.

Our panel members are independent practitioners that are selected by you based upon your case needs.

Our experts are licensed, board-certified, or board-eligible. Almost all are still involved directly with patient care and surgery. They are selected by invitation only and are thoroughly vetted with their appropriate state licensing board(s) and/or certifying entities. In addition, we perform credentialing follow-up reviews every six months.

You will find our experts to be committed and accessible to you through the resolution of your case. A Juris Medicus expert’s focus is always in search of the truth.


Why Juris Medicus?

We take the uncertainty out of hiring an experienced medical expert.

Our team is professional and goal-driven to make sure your expert management is seamless. We understand the process and work diligently to meet your deadlines. Our case managers are always available to coordinate engagement and ongoing communication with our medical experts.

Why a Medical Expert?

A medical expert is necessary in litigation when additional opinions are needed to address the issues presented in a case. The issues may involve causation, charges, and potential disability or impairment.

To have an expert review your case.

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